About Us

Interfin SoftLab is a software company that provides business solutions for investment fund management companies, brokerage houses, money market and capital markets participants.

Our goal is to provide cutting edge software solutions designed according to our clients’ requirements that will boost their businesses.

As a member of the Banja Luka Stock Exchange Group, we are already recognized by our clients through complex projects carried out in domestic and regional capital markets. We are a young yet an experienced team inspired to create efficient software solutions that will create comparative advantage to our clients.



  • Accounting software built with latest web technologies
  • Highly integrated and automated accounting processes
  • Accounting for multiple companies in one environment
  • Multi-user support with the ability to clearly define roles and permissions
  • Predefined reports
  • APIs for integration with third party software


  • Web based accounting software
  • Investment funds and portfolio management
  • Recognition and valuation of financial instruments
  • Daily NAV calculation
  • Purchase and redemption of units
  • Automated accounting
  • Official and custom made reports

Asset Port

  • Software solution for individual portfolio management
  • Recognition and valuation of financial instruments
  • Cash in and Cash out requests
  • Automated daily NAV Calculation
  • Direct access to check your portfolio performances any time
  • Analytical and graphical analysis success tools of individual portfolio or manager

Broker Office

  • Web application based on FIX protocol for brokerage houses
  • Maintenance of clients’ records
  • Management and valuation of clients’ portfolio
  • Monitoring trading activities (prices, orders, markets)
  • Real-time orders execution
  • Multiple market access
  • eTrader for clients direct market access

M Trader

  • Trade from your mobile phone
  • Buy and sell securities in an easy way
  • Check your money and portofolio any time
  • Watch the market and your trades anywhere you are
  • Trade safely using two-factor authentication (2FA)

SEE link

  • IT provider to the communication server and interface of SEE link system (FIX, API, FEA)
  • System allows investors to participate on the regional markets easily and efficiently without opening an account in each country
  • Order routing system facilitate order-routing between brokerage firms from different countries in SEE region

MLC System

  • Multilateral debt netting system (offsetting claims against liabilities)
  • Access to the system through an MLC web service
  • Multiple access possibilities (directly, through a bank or intermediary)
  • Algorithm that finds largest amount of debt to be netted
  • Automatic generation of valid accounting reports
  • Receivables transfer in multilateral cession
  • Selling receivables in auctions (factoring)

Money Market

  • Web application for bilateral trading REPO, T-bills, deposits and FX
  • Entering quotes and market depth
  • Negotiation and trade execution
  • Generating contracts and reports
  • Calculation of yields and reference rates
  • Generation of trade reports for CSD

Business Intelligence

  • Mining and analyzing business data
  • Implementation of Data Warehouse strategies
  • Defined Key Performance Indicators
  • Detailed picture of a business and its current state
  • Historical and real-time data
  • Visualization tools for presentation
  • Alerts for your business processes


Custom development and project management

  • In addition to our services we offer custom development services to our applications

Interface for financial services

  • Integration with Internet banking system and web services
  • Automated email delivery to unit owners and clients
  • Retrieval of instruments price and exchange prices

IFRS Accounting

  • Investment funds accounting
  • Pension funds accounting
  • Investment fund management company accounting
  • Brokerage houses accounting


  • Hosting services for users of our applications

Business intelligence

  • Business intelligence development
  • Data visualization and reports automatization
  • Consulting BI, client training and education

Our Skills

Young, yet highly experienced and enthusiastic team. Technologies we mostly use:

JS Development
.NET Development


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If you require additional information please send us an email to office@interfin-softlab.com or fill out the form and we will get in touch with you shortly.


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